Choose a Skuttle High-Efficiency Air Cleaner or HEPA Filtration System

High-Efficiency Air Cleaners

Skuttle Air Cleaner Models DB-25-20, DB-25-16, DB-20-20 and DB-20-16 are duct-mounted, high-capacity air filters designed to provide high-level air filtration in today’s energy-efficient homes. The Air Cleaner is easily installed; filter cartridges slide in and out for quick, easy replacement.

Filter media are available in MERV 8 and MERV 11 levels. MERV 8 is normal for an average household. MERV 11 is a good choice where a higher level of filtration to capture minute particles is required.

Visit the Tech Lit Downloads page for owner’s manual, installation instructions, and tech sheet.


HEPA Filtration Systems

Easy Maintenance Modular Construction

Maintaining the Skuttle HEPA Filter is a breeze with this modular construction. The Pre-filter/Carbon Filter and the HEPA Filter are assembled in a sealed modular casing that is designed so the filters can be individually removed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The motor and electrical box are mounted in a galvanized steel module that is easily removable for cleaning purposes.

Visit the Tech Lit Downloads page for tech sheet.